StrongArm® Comfort Cane

Walk upright with stability, support, and comfort!

Feel The StrongArm® Difference Instantly

The patented design provides complete support and comfort for your wrist and forearm, giving you the support to feel confident and secure.

With features such as the Stand-Assist and 12 Height Adjustments, it's easy to see how StrongArm has become a favorite walking cane for thousands of customers.

"Gives you much better stability"


"I got this cane because a traditional cane feels scary when going up or down a curb or a set of steps. I never felt enough stability, but with the StrongArm walking cane I can use more of my arm for stability. I love it."

Barbara A.
Verified Customer

"Less discomfort, more support"


"The adjustable height and cushioned grip and support padding make the cane more supportive, stable and strong yet lightweight. I love my black one. But it'd be so great to have one or two that would go with my clothes, colors, etc."

Steven M.
Verified Customer

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