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StrongArm® Comfort Cane

Self Standing - Big Base Replacement Tip

Introducing StrongArm's Free Standing - Big Base
Increase your mobility and independence with our new replacement tip to always keep your StrongArm Cane by your side. 

This replacement tip transforms your current StrongArm Cane into one of the most supportive free-standing canes on the market. Our Big Base provides a larger surface area and is made from durable yet semi-flexible material to provide better traction and stability on flat or uneven surfaces. 

  • Self Standing Design 
  • Flexible base for uneven terrain
  • Larger surface area for increased traction 

To all our StrongArm users that requested a self-standing tip, we want to thank you for your feedback and truly amazing reviews. Our mission is to continue to improve the StrongArm Comfort Cane and we strongly believe that with our new self-standing design you will feel the difference in the support, stability, and comfort your StrongArm provides. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Delora Noble Siebrecht (Saint Joseph, US)
Increased stability and minimizes slipping.

After a bad fall on a wet spot on the kitchen floor (stitches, CT scan & bad bruising on my face) my family found this cane tip. It’s larger & does not slip. I have severe Arthritis all over my body & my strength has significantly declined. Although slightly heavier now, it has not been an issue. On certain flooring types the cane tip will occasionally slightly suction down. This has not been an issue either. I’m very satisfied with the additional stability the tip provides.

Doug Stuart (Bedford, US)

I don't have this Big Base Replacement yet. Send me a replacement msg.

Mary Prator (Emmitsburg, US)

They are great

John Pratt (Boston, US)

Self Standing - Big Base Replacement Tip

Patricia Thompson (Westerville, US)
Great, my second strong arm didn’t have a wide tip, so I bought it

It works