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    See why customers love StrongArm Comfort Cane

    We are dedicated to supporting your mobility by making the best walking canes that offer support, stability, and unparalleled comfort. The StrongArm Comfort Cane remains the highest quality walking canes around that’s our commitment. but don’t just take our word for it.


    We value your opinion and so do other customers. Read reviews from customers about their experience with the StrongArm Comfort Cane.

    Based on 1204 reviews
    Safety Cane Light
    Lois Zellman (Canton, US)
    Love the cane, needs a bigger base tip replacement

    Love the cane, but it falls over all the time. Even with the bigger base. It needs to be able to be more stable since I can not bend over easily to pick it up.

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Doug Sackett (Kent, US)


    Self Standing Support Canes
    Robyn Skrhak (Temple, US)
    Hand Grip Slipping

    I’m mostly satisfied with my order, except for the foam hand grip. My hand grip feels loose and want to move towards the curve in the can. The slipping of the grip causes me to feel unsteady. My son offered to glue it for me, but I’m wondering my grip is defective or if this is the nature of the design.

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Thomas Retz (Ocean View, US)
    Happy Tom

    My initial order arrived in four days! I purchased two canes. The wrist support is everything they said it was and more. No more shaky unsupported one handed use. I use one around the house and both of them when outside or walking around the mall. I’m really happy with them and certainly glad I made this purchase.

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Dale Billeb (Milwaukee, US)
    This was a gift for a friend.

    The Strong Arm cane was received with a hearty thank you. The receiver of gift will eventually let me know how it was after a break-in time. It’s new and getting used to it may take a bit of time.

    I can’t believe the great difference amazing

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Patricia Dlouhy (Victoria, US)

    Works very good. And is very comfortable to use. I go to physical therapy 3 times a week and we use it every day

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Jack McLaughlin (Porterville, US)
    Strong arm

    Great cane very helpful with freestanding features

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Richard Finley (Denver, US)
    Dissapointing color

    I ordered the bright sky blue cane because of its exciting hue, however whatvi received is more of a gun metal bluish grey. Very dull and not at all the color on the website . I would not have cornered it had i known the true color. Very dissapointed. It's a gift that will be dully received now? Look at the print add color compared to what I actually got. I'm not pleased! And I had already ordered a 2nd one. Wish I had waited.

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Norman Hythecker (Weatherford, US)
    A bit heavy

    This is my second strong arm. I like my first one better than the current one. The first one has a smaller lighter rubber tip than the latest model. The larger rubber tip poses a tripping hazard.

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Mickey Gallert (Benton Harbor, US)
    Am really liking it!

    I find this cane gives me extra stability and support so I have more confidence in my balance. Am almost considering trying two to see if that would work for me. That brings me to a complaint. Your warranty says it must be returned unused. That is a bit unrealistic, so I do hesitate to order another to experiment because they are on the pricier side.
    I do wish the cane would stand a bit steadier and that the grip area was a bit longer.
    All in all, I am pretty happy with this purchase.

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Nicole Daigle (Thibodaux, US)

    This product is very good. It helps my mom walk a lot better.

    Self Standing Support Canes
    J.H. (Lindale, US)
    Strong and Sturdy

    I recently purchased one of these canes. It takes some getting accustomed to, but I feel it is sturdy and secure. Much more than other canes. I have severe arthritis in both knees and while I await surgery, I need support to walk. I recently purchased a second cane. I feel more secure than with using a walker.

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Anne Dressler (Denver, US)
    One of the best cane ever!

    Bought for a friend, she loves it and thinks it is the best cane she has ever had! Help her stand and keep her balance so she does not to fall! Thank you very much!

    It’s adjustable to the exact height I need and it’s comfortable to use. It stands alone, so I’m able to use both hands when needed.

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Brian Duffy (Haymarket, US)
    My Cane

    So far so good

    I'm new to using a cane but wanted one that was extra sturdy. I was not disappointed with my choice. Not only is it strong like the name suggests but I get so many compliments about it also. It makes getting up from a chair so much easier. I am 100% satisfied.

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Gary Skubal (El Dorado Hills, US)

    Did not help me with need to exit chairs

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Jeannette Glass (Mesa, US)

    This Kane stabilizes your ability to get around easily. The arm rest helps so much and the ease of getting up and down so rewarding. I am so thankful to have this.

    Self Standing - Big Base Replacement Tip
    Debbie Swanson (Nampa, US)
    Big cane base

    I love my cane, it’s great and very sturdy

    These are very well made and heavier than other canes. I walk better with these than with a regular cane as well.

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Neil (Omaha, US)
    Best canes on the "Market"!

    Bought 2 of these. Best alternative to crutches! Aa an Amputee I wanted a "better" cane. With using two, first thing in the morning. My adaptation with my prosthetic leg is much easier. Sometimes it takes awhile to get fully adjusted. A lot faster process with 2 "Strong-arm canes! Kudos to this Company! Very stable product and "Extremely" useful! 👍😎

    Standard Cane Tip Replacement
    Michael Robbins (Colorado Springs, US)
    A Great American Cane

    I used to use those cheap Wal-Mart canes and I would go through those tips in a couple of months. I only use the Strong Arm Cane nowadays. I’ve had my SA cane for a couple of years now and I just now had to replace the tip on it. These tip are some heavy duty rubber. I have to use two canes now and would use nothing else but the SA cane.

    Self Standing Support Canes
    John Haselow (Northampton Center, US)
    Great to use

    The wider base helps with balance

    Self Standing Support Canes
    Clark L. (Fountain Inn, US)

    Self Standing Support Canes