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StrongArm Infomercial Reviews

Based on 347 reviews
sturdy and comfy

it feels nice and secure and the hand hold is comfy. I like the stand assist option. It's lite and I like the blue color. I wish you had other fun colors and designs. The neutral colors just remind me of a hospital or an old folks home. I'm in neither. I mean if you have to use a cane, you might as well have fun with it! Let it show your personality! Please add more designs and fun colors. Also a self standing option would be nice. Sometimes it's hard to bend down to pick it up if it falls, etc... Thanks for thinking outside the box!


This feels very sturdy. It supports my arm in such a way that my wrist is well balanced and comfortable. When I put the cane down, my hand, wrist and arm feel normal, so not much stress on them.

One thing I'm watching for is prettier colors. Like paint it in lovely colors. Have flowers in the painted design if you feel like doing that. Think of beautiful things that would look good on it. But even just great color would kick me into gear to buy another.

I love my black one. But it'd be so great to have one or two that would go with my clothes colors, etc.

Favorite cane I've ever had. So comfortable.


This came is the best cane ever! It is the second one my husband has had. It was unavailable for a time, but I am so glad they brought it back! It is a great tool for anyone that has walking difficulties.

Greatest canes

I ordered 2 canes because I use a walker. These are great I feel secure and safe on these canes.

Took a bit to get the feel for them. I use two and they provide a very stable source of strength and security.

Rolator to Cane

I am trying to adapt to the cane so that I can walk upright instead of bent over. I am still struggling to get the hang of it, but that time will come.

Gives you much better stability

I got this cane because a traditional cane feels scary when going up or down a curb or a set of steps.I never felt enough stability, but the strong arm I can use more of my arm to give stability, not just my hand and wrist. I love it.

I love how it sports my wrist!

I have a quad cane and a walker in addition to this cane. I love that it's sturdier than my quad cane, and less clunky than my walker. I finally feel more comfortable with going out in public with this cane.

My cane review

It was hard to get used to at first, but now I really like it. It provides much more support and balance than a traditional cane.

Strong arm cane

Very pleased

Very pleased

Getting up will never be the same! Thanks Strong Arm!

This cane changed how I get up. Now, I just grab the two projection-like handles and lift myself up, super easy! With this cane, walking is now easy as well. I love that I can lean my arm on the hook part to rest.

Love it.

I was very impressed with it and will be buying another one

Game Changing

This is the first time I've loved a cane! The best part is the forearm hook. The support from that alone makes this cane worth it. I also feel like the overall look is trendy. I'm a young person and this works great for me.

Super Sturdy Cane.

I ordered this cane for my mother-in-law. Unfortunately, she's been a bit unsteady lately. The best qualities of this cane are the comfortable grips, the bottom foot is wide, and it provides the same support as one of those combo cane/crutches with the cuffs. I've also noticed that when getting up from sitting down, it has more sturdy leverage than a regular cane.

Relieved to get replacement tip

I have had my StrongArm Comfort Cane for several years. And can't be without out it. It keeps me independent, and able to go!

Hallelujah! Not too heavy, making it perfect.

I ordered the bronze cane for my loved one so he would be able to find it easier. So far he loves it. Since switching to the StrongArm cane he feels he has more independence. He's able to use the stairs in our home with more stability. While walking, he has surer footing. Another thing he likes is how it's a lighter cane compared to the claw or 3/4 prong stand alone canes.

Well worth the cost!

Being a rather large and short person with two artificial hips, I can happily say this is the best cane I've ever walked with. Also having Meniere's Disease, I sometimes have issues with steadiness on my feet. This cane holds onto my arm and will not slip from my hand, making it ideal for me. Whenever I go out, people always ask me about my cane.

Love this cane's support while walking.

The great support while I walk has brought me to absolutely love this cane. It helped with my step heal-toe follow through and reduced stress on my arm, shoulder and wrist. I finally stand in an upright position when using the StrongArm cane.

Best Cane Ever

Aging accentuates our weaknesses. I have had 9 operations due to arthritis, with 3 of them on the left hand and 1 on the right hand. I have to use the cane on the left side due to issues with degenerative bone disease in the spine and a right knee problem. This cane gives me a secure feeling in spite of being wobbly.

Great design while using two canes

While using two canes, I have added suport for my wrists, which increases overall stability.

Terrific cane, just make sure it can work with your condition

I have rheumatoid arthritis. Unfortunately, my hands aren't able to bend in the right position to hold it. It's still a terrific cane, just not for my condition.

Great after surgery.

I was recommended this cane from my physical therapist after I had leg and ankle fusion surgery. After transitioning from wheelchair and a walker, this cane made recovery easier. It's very stable.

Strong Arm cane makes life easier!

The best thing about this product, in my opinion, is how easy it makes it to get out of any chair. What makes it so easy is, how you can grab the two handles to lift yourself up, unlike regular canes. I also enjoy how I'm able to rest my forearm while walking.


This cane is just lovely. I actually own two! Works well with either arm.

StrongArm Comfort Cane